Six Online Workshop Sessions: 15 & 29 September, 6 & 20 October, 3 & 17 November (Tuesdays), 10:00-11:30 CEST

Registration Deadline: 1 September 2020

Strong academic leaders in Informatics and Computing disciplines are needed now more than ever as Informatics has become a key driver in innovation and has become entangled in all aspects of society. Academic leaders in our field play an increasingly critical role in educating future computing professionals to engage in this work, in shaping the research that will deliver novel technologies that underpin future products and services and in effectively collaborating with diverse colleagues, partners, stakeholders, and disciplinary areas. But leading successfully in an academic environment is very challenging, in particular, due to the steadily increasing performance pressures in academia, for example, increasing competitiveness and accountability metrics, expanding workload, delivering on novel research topics, and recruiting young talented students to pursue a PhD position.

How do you address these challenges as an academic leader in a complex academic environment? How do you ‘do’ academic leadership? And how do you not just survive but thrive as a leader? Those and further questions will be addressed by Prof. Geraldine Fitzpatrick and Prof. Austen Rainer, who both are senior Informatics/Computing academics with strong leadership backgrounds and experience and who complement that experience with evidence-based approaches to positive leadership practice. 

For detailed information and to register, please visit the Informatics Europe Academic Leadership page