The 4th Summit on Gender Equality in Computing, organized by the Greek ACM-W Chapter, will be held on June 16-17, 2022 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Website with more information

The Summit aims at promoting gender-equal access to the computer-related scientific frontiers, encouraging and educating women and men in an equal way to achieve their goals and utilize their potential in digital professions. The goal of the Summit is also to celebrate and disseminate the achievements of computer professionals in a fair and gender-equal way.

The Summit aims to virtually bring together students, researchers and professionals in the field of Computer Science to

(a) present and share their achievements and experience in the computing field,

(b) discuss and understand the reasons why there is gender disparity in individuals opting for Computer Science and Engineering,

(c) consider and exchange views on gender stereotyping in Computer Science, and

(d) come up with incentives and measures to reduce gender inequalities in the field.