GEC 2021 posters

The virtual poster sessions of the 3rd Summit on Gender Equality in Computing (GEC 2021) offer the opportunity to undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, as well as young researchers and professionals of any gender, to share insights and knowledge with other participants, senior researchers and professionals in the field, to disseminate their research work, to practice their presentation skills, and to build confidence in presenting research work in a succinct manner. The poster sessions include a total of 27 posters. All poster submissions were peer reviewed by the Poster Evaluation Committee and all accepted poster presentations are made available here, on the Greek ACM-W GEC 2021 website. 

1. Pentari et al., Brain Networks Constructed via Cross Recurrence Quantification Analysis
2. Yfantidou et al. Self-Tracking Technology for mHealth: A Systematic Review and the PAST SELF Framework
4. Liotou & Alexiou, QoE-centric network path selection based on SDN
5. Tomaras & Kalogeraki, On the privacy of urban data applications
6. Terizi & Pitoura, Polarization in Reddit Discussions
7. Chandrinos et al., Fake News Detection on Twitter using NLP with Python
8. Tsenos & Kalogeraki, Elastic Stream Processing on Serverless Environments Michalis Tsenos and Vana Kalogeraki
9. Lantzouni et al., Gamification and educational games in emergency remote biology teaching. Prelimiray results
10. Katikaridi & Tsalgatidou, Silent Users in Online Social Networks and Delurking Mechanisms
11. Tzouros et al., Optimization of Big Data Analytics using Intermediate Representation and Portable Containers
12. Karanatsiou & Vakali, Personality profiling in Online Social Networks: Applications and Opportunities
13. Koutrouli et al., Influence Estimation Systems in Social Networks – State of the Art and Credibility Issues
14. Marathaki et al., Social Robots’ use (Social Assistive Robot- SAR) in developing symbolic play and imitation skills in students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
15. Magklis et al., Point Of Equilibrity - A serious video game on managing a pandemic crisis
16. Zervou et al., Multidimensional Time Series Analysis for Protein Structure Classification
17. Sfakianaki et al., The GrHarvard Corpus: A Greek sentence corpus for speech technology research and applications
18. Sotiraki et al., Between memory and oblivion in local contexts: using digital technologies during the archival process to highlight local cultural heritage
19. Drivas, Websites Performance for Libraries, Archives and Museums A Global Report for Summarization and Optimization Purposes
20. Tsoukanara et al., Predicting node memberships in evolving clusters
21. Aliprantis, General algorithmic problem solving competitions with crowd-sourced solution validation: A blockchain based platform design
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