GEC 2019 posters

The poster and flash talks sessions of the 1st Summit on Gender Equality in Computing (GEC 2019) offered the opportunity to undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, as well as young researchers and professionals of any gender, to share insights and knowledge with other participants, senior researchers and professionals in the field, to disseminate their research work and to receive comments about it, to practice their presentation skills and build confidence in presenting research work, and to benefit from discussing their ideas with the other GEC participants. The poster session included 35 posters out of 42 submissions. All poster submissions were peer reviewed by the Poster Evaluation Committee and all accepted poster presentations are made available on the Greek ACM-W website. 

1. Vergoulis et al., A comparative study on the gender representation in the Computer Science academic community
2. Karanatsiou et al., Others and me: Detecting personality traits and attachment orientations in Online Social Networks
3. Daskalakis et al., Finding Topic-specific Trends and Influential Users in Social Networks
4. Koutrouli et al., Estimating Influence in Social Networks: Use in the Health Domain
5. Oikonomidou, Mining Celebrity Endorsement Using Perceptions of Twitter Account Automated Data
6. Saravanou et al., Event and Sub-Event Detection in Social Networks
7. Tomaras et al., Urban Data Analysis and Applications
8. Sotirakou, Feedback Matters! Predicting the Appreciation of Online Articles A Data-Driven Approach
9. Kyriakidi et al., A Graph-based approach for Data Exploration in Recommendation Systems
10. Emiris et al., Exact and Approximation Multidimensional Subset Sum Algorithms
11. Krommyda, Interactive Visualization of Very Large Graphs
12. Rempoulaki et al., 3D Visualization of Uncertainty in Minoan Archaeological Reconstructions
13. Kaklopoulou et al., Emotions Speaking
14. Diakoumakos et al., Using Augmented Reality to Connect Artifacts to Excavation Sites
15. Giannaraki et al., A 3D Serious Game for Improving Social Skills of Children with ADHD via Multimodal Rythm-Centric Exercises
16. El Raheb, et al. How designing interactive learning embodied experiences for dance goes hand in hand with inclusive computing?
17. Vayanou et al., Group Story Experiences
18. Zoi, @postasis platform: a multi-participatory space for distance artistic education and real-time experimentation
19. Vernikos et al., The VISOR project: Virtual coachIng Services for OldeR adults
20. Christopoulou, Educational Content Co-Creation Between Experts and Students
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