Greek Women in Computing

GEC 2021 posters

The virtual poster sessions of the 3rd Summit on Gender Equality in Computing (GEC 2021) offer the opportunity to undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, as well as young researchers and professionals of any gender, to share insights and knowledge with other participants, senior researchers and professionals in the field, to disseminate their research work, to practice their presentation skills, and to build confidence in presenting research work in a succinct manner. The poster sessions include a total of 27 posters. All poster submissions were peer reviewed by the Poster Evaluation Committee and all accepted poster presentations are made available here, on the Greek ACM-W GEC 2021 website. 

22. Giannou & Mamalis, A Fog-based Architecture for the Efficient Support of Innovative Teaching Scenarios in Primary and Secondary Education
23. El Raheb et al. Challenges of eliciting inclusive User Requirements for a collaborative XR platform
24. Kavalierou & Kantzavelou, The Smart Contract Guard Model
26. Logothetou et al., Oxidized Iron and Copper-Based Excavated Artefacts: Technology, Composition and Digital Database Management
28. Braoudaki et al., Hybrid Data Driven and Rule Based Sentiment Analysis on Greek Text
29. Attiya et al., Tracking in Order to Recover - Detectable Recovery of Lock-Free Data Structures
31. Skolidis et al., Do bots have a soul?
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