Join us on the Greek ACM-W YouTube channel to watch the Greek ACM-W Winter School live.

1st Greek ACM-W Chapter Winter School on Fairness in AI

with the support of ACM Europe RAISE

24 - 25 February 2022, online

We are living the revolution of AI. AI-driven systems are increasingly being used in all aspects of society to assist, or even replace human decision making. Every day, we use search engines, recommendations, personal assistants to help in all sorts of decisions from where to dine and what movie to watch, to more fundamental ones, such as our stance on political issues and worldwide events. AI is widely being used by public and private bodies to assist decisions in courts, in college admissions, and job recruitment.

Issues of biased treatment, exclusion, and unfairness are raised, with concerns exaggerated by various cases catching the public attention.

Are these systems fair? Should we trust them? What should we do to ensure fair treatment?

Top-scientists from around the world will present their exciting work on the topic in this two-day online school organized by the Greek ACM-W chapter with the support of ACM Europe Research Visibility working group (ACM Europe RAISE). 70 participants from more than 20 countries will have the opportunity to learn, interact, and make a difference.


Join us on the Greek ACM-W YouTube channel to watch the event live: